Project: The Hoffman Agency – Soho space sought and found
> Flex search
> Covering Soho locations
> Understanding the brief, brand, and operational needs
> full cost analysis of shortlisted properties to present to global directors
> favorable terms secured on a flexible contract

We accommodated 75 staff members within a 10 minute walk from their current location and secured an office leasehold with 50% more space than the client’s serviced office facility at the same cost level.


“It’s genuinely hard to overstate how superb Stoneway is. The team are incredibly smart and listen to the brief you’re after, refining a search accordingly to find the elusive space concerned. I also like that they suggest marginal outliers to get you thinking about what you might not have considered before – or, similarly, to rule out anything you’re unsure of. For such an important decision it’s essential to feel you’re able to give honest, open, transparent feedback to speed things up, and Stoneway are really easy to chat to and be totally upfront with that these nerves aren’t an issue. They’re an absolute pleasure to work with and I’d recommend them at the drop of a hat. Absolutely superb”